What does an egg mean to a cookie? Chef Ali Bouzari Ph.D, attempts to answer this question through a scientific analysis of cooking. By breaking down food into it's "Elemental Ingredients" Ali shows how we can use this knowledge to create better recipes. Ali began cooking in restaurant kitchens while studying biochemistry as an undergraduate.

No field is more technologically sophisticated, yet less connected than the field of Medicine. In this innovative talk, Dr. Richard Pan proposes a way to change this. By outfitting people with devices to unobtrusively monitor their health, Dr. Pan believes we can detect and prevent health crises before they land people in the hospital.

Have you ever wanted to make something from scratch? Emerging from the Maker movement, which focuses on giving people the tools to create, Steven Lucero explains how we can use the same flexible and creative model to make substantial academic gains. Steven Lucero is a Mechanical Engineer who manages the TEAM Facility at UC Davis.

How complicated can beer really be? It turns out, very. As a Ph.D. student in Brewing and Fermentation Science Katy Benson describes the science behind a perfect brew. And how in a surprising twist, beer is similar to yoga.

What happens to mobile phones when they die? Instead of simply getting rid of them, Rajeevan Amirtharajah proposes that we use the wealth of technology found in these old phones to replace devices we use all the time. Prof. Amirtharajah's research activities focus on the development and implementation of electronic systems which are powered by energy harvested from their environment.

Ergonomics is often associated with comfy shoes, but in this illuminating talk, Danny Nou explains how it is so much more. By focusing on how you actually use something, we can create products that are easier to use, more satisfying, and ultimately better experiences. Danny Nou is a self-proclaimed innovator and human interface design advocate.

In an impassioned plea, 18-year-old Harley Litzelman, asks us to more carefully consider the input of students when creating education policies that effect them. And how our modern regime is stifling the democratic spirit in current students. Harley Litzelman is a freshman at UC Davis, majoring in American Studies and Sociology with a minor in Education.

In a unique and insightful talk, Chancellor Katehi holds a dialogue with her daughter Helena about the differences and striking similarities between their generations. Linda Katehi is the sixth chancellor of UC Davis where she oversees all aspects of the university's teaching, research and public service mission, including the UC Davis Health System.

How does our the media we consume affect our behavior? In a thoughtful talk, Jorge Peña discusses how the choices we make in video games can actively change how we sense of self. Dr. Jorge Pena (Ph.D 2007, Cornell University) examines the cognitive emotional, and behavioral foundations of computer-mediated interaction.

In an enlightening and amusing talk, Maruša Bradac explains how we can use science to see things that are dark, in the past, and to find our passion. Join her on a journey of space and time to understand what makes up our universe. Maruša Bradac is a physics professor at UC Davis.

Jadoo is a musical endeavor of five students at UC Davis to combine aspects of Middle Eastern and Western styles to create a unique musical experience. Through preparation for a Iranian culture show, they realized they were capable of creating music that would mix their middle eastern influences with the western music they had grown up listening to.