Krishna Subramanian is a UC Davis Alumnus that dropped out of medical school to pursue entrepreneurship. Krishna is constantly intrigued at pushing the limits of technology but that fearlessness once found himself trapped in an endless loop on an F1 track going over 200 MPH.

Cathie Apple has spent thirty years playing the flute, and fifteen years teaching yoga. On the music side of her life, she is a founding member of Sacramento's new music ensemble Citywater, and performs with the Sacramento Baroque Soloists, Camerata Capistrano, Celtic bands Cahersiveen and Lady of the Lake, and Kritan band Radiant Friend.

Dr. Helen S. Koo is a fashion designer, researcher, and educator who loves fashion and cares about our health and environment. Her recent works have involved developing garments for people with disabilities and chronic diseases. She will share smart fashion, which is expanding the boundaries of fashion design by implying interdisciplinary technologies and techniques, and explain how it can change our lives.

Baile De Fuego is UC Davis' premier salsa, bachata, and general latin dance club founded this year. Here we will have two of its members (Imaan Taghavi & Kristen Duke) showcase Salsa and Bachata. You will be enthralled with endless spins and grins. You will be dazzled with daring dips and flips.

World Touch Experiment is a duo formed by two students sharing the same passion to arrange world music with no boundaries. Shayan Azizi, Pianist, inspired by the works of Chopin, believes that music isn't music if it doesn't make the heart dance or cry.

Same as the speaker's bio} As a specialist in museum evaluation, Wendy Meluch talks with visitors to understand how exhibitions can best connect with the public. Some of her recent projects have looked at self-identity and ethic affinity, climate change, firearms in our society, and making STEM accessible to students with indigenous heritage.

same as speaker's bio} Gurminder Singh is a Professor of Computer Science at the Naval Postgraduate School and the Founder and CEO of OpunUp, Inc. He wants to open up the world's knowledge and make it accessible to everyone by democratizing contact between people. He thinks he has found a way to do so!

Sarah Meredith currently serves as Director of the UC Davis Center for Advocacy, Resources and Education (CARE), the on-campus, confidential resource for students, staff, and faculty who have experienced sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.

TJ is a recent UCD alumna from LA, now residing in excitingly expensive San Francisco. While not grinding and fighting parking tickets in the city, you can find her snapping photos, coffee shop bumming, and blogging on life and love advice. She has an infectious passion for fried chicken and even held a birthday party at KFC.

Clay Brandow is a recently retired hydrologist now seeking other diversions. A college student in the early 1970's, he became involved in planning, building and living in the Domes at Baggins End on the UC Davis campus. This improbable student-built housing project, which is still going strong four decades later, taught him life lessons about patience, persistence, and perseverance.

Alisa Shubb is a University of California Davis alumna (B.A.'85, M.A. '89) whose profession for over 20 years has been teaching Speech and Communication. Alisa is a digital immigrant who mostly keeps her social media profile private. People often ask her "how many pairs of shoes do you have?"

Akshay Oberai is Co-founder and CEO of TipdOff, a financial social network which empowers individual investors to make smart stock market decisions. In his spare time when he isn't thinking of the next big idea, he enjoys following basketball and politics, both of which are a passion of his.

Matthias Gruber speaks at a 2015 TEDx salon event at UC Davis. Matthias Gruber is a cognitive neuroscientist in the Dynamic Memory Lab at the UC Davis Center for Neuroscience. He is investigating why we remember some things better than others.